Friday, November 09, 2007


The Latter Rain Assembly, Pastored by Tunde Bakare, a frontline Tele-Evangelist is to organise a leadership programme for youths across Nigeria to help them preapre for leadership role in Nigeria. The 3-day programme tagged “The Future Leaders Congress” was conceived as a result of the fact that the quality of every Nation's leadership determines the quality and advancement of the Nation. Hence, the destiny of any country lies in the development of visionary and servant leaders because everything rises and falls on leadership.
Since independence, Nigeria has lacked servant and visionary leaders. Thus, this has adversely affected her value system, economy, political system as well as the spiritual climate of the country. In view of this, on November 1st to 3rd 2007, The Latter Rain Assembly, through its youth-arm called Legacy Youth Fellowship with support from Pastor Tunde Bakare will be organizing this 3-day national leadership training programme with the aim of salvaging the decadence in the church and the Nation.
According to the Youth Pastor, Rotimi Oyekunle, the main objective of the programme is to raise servant and visionary leaders for the church, the market place and the Nation by empowering them with sound and effective Kingdom doctrine and skills that will enable them raise kingdom standards in their domain of influence.
Pastor Rotimi revealed that the vision of the programme in the heart of the serving overseer of the church, Pastor Tunde Bakare, is to groom, prepare, nurture and release young people to fulfill destiny. “we should all be concerned about the future because we would have to spend the rest of our lives there” he said.
The youth Pastor further explained that the future leaders congress is also geared to raise servant and visionary leaders who know the heart of God. “During the congress, there will be an impartation that will prepare youths to take leadership position for the future. It will be an opportunity for youths to take action and embrace responsibility for change. Nigeria will never change if we do not accept the responsibility to change it” he added.
Meanwhile, the activities of the event which is scheduled to take place from 6pm daily at the church auditorium in Ogba includes plenary-teaching session, seminars, exhibition, music concert etc. The programme is targeted at youths from all works of life- Churches, Schools, Youth groups, Corporate and Public Organization.
The Legacy Youth fellowship is a body of vibrant and destiny-oriented youths of the Latter Rain Assembly, comprising of young people from ages 13 and above, who are not married. The fellowship has a mission to nurture a company of cohesive youths for dynamic leadership with responsibility and resourcefulness for the purpose of carrying forward the purpose of the kingdom of heaven on earth.

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