Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Writing with LOVE!

In the spirit of the joyful season that is ushering in another glorious celebration of Christmas, here is sharing with you some of the emails from ardent readers of ‘Dis Generation’. Reading from readers is a pleasurable experience, whether it is a note to say well done or a few lines to criticize the column, I appreciate and respect the fact that some people really take time to respond to what they read and share their views!

Boluwatife wrote: hi Jennies, dis is decoded, I would love to know series of thing about your column in the dailies
Salamatu Ama wrote: hi, I like to you this moment because of the Article you wrote on July 1 2007 about "Gentle wind of change" which was much pleased to my understanding and i would like to befriend you and know much about your publication and much advice concerning how one can become something good in future, how to aim at what you would like to do in future and indeed after thorough research in your article I found my self pleased at how a lady really can become something useful at planning. I would therefore like to befriend you as my penpal. Hope you will reply with love. Thank you.
Tayo Olatunde wrote: Hello, I saw your writing on a news paper, so i decided to say hello to you. I love your writing skills. Keep it up!
Olu'mayowa. A.Adeniran, DEVELOPMENT NEWS NETWORK (DNN) wrote: Jenny, I hail you for interest in DIS GENERATION of ours. Bravo, to a young woman, who believe that our generation shall see and enjoy the prosperity of our forefathers...keep it up buddy. I enjoy your articles in the newspaper 'THE NATION every Sunday. I started following from the article titled ' PRESCRIPTION' edition, that you talked about abortion- who to blame? Individual, society or moral trust? Abortion kills...Wetin be 'ONE CHANCE BAG' Jenny? Na one chance bus i know for Lag! but honestly our young women needs to be more careful as they move around do their things. Man! Nigerian youth are 'WAITING FOR THE GOVERNMENT' to do every bits even bath & feed them. I joined you mostly to start mentoring our youth on thinking creatively because possibility thinkers are the ones on top… like you Jenny.
So keep doing your stuffs, people are watching you and you are impacting them, what we all need is to keep encouraging each other and see to our well-being as we move ' DIS GENERATION' to greater height. Keep the good work.GOD BLESS, NIGERIA
My Response: Thanks guys! Yeah, we will keep our passion burning for positive change and by God’s grace, our efforts shall not be in vain. Hope we all shall indeed keep playing our part well, no matter which way the world turns. A special thank you to Mr Lekan Otunfodunrin, THE NATION, for giving this generation a voice in the media. The best is yet to come!

Friday, November 23, 2007


It has been a long time since I watched a live stage drama, thanks to the busy schedule of my school! However, two weeks ago, I got an opportunity to see a play, one I wrote for a youth group. Basically, the drama was about the decaying system of our educational system. It highlighted all the contributing factors such as government negligence of the education sector, parent negligence of their homes, Parent-teacher bribery at school, violence, cultism, cyber crime and of course teenage prostitution, oh I mean, Aristo!

The scene of cyber crime a.k.a yahoo yahoo evoked laughter among the audience, comprising of youths and parents, I hope we all know that Internet fraud is really a serious form of corruption that is eating deep into this generation. Some attribute it to the sudden quest for wealth among youths but is there no honest way of making money other than defrauding others? Whatever happened to the joy one derives from sweating to achieve honest result?

Another major issue that cannot be over flogged is the one about female students who glory in the fact that they are part-time prostitutes. Here is how the narrator framed it “Oh! Our daughters have left school. Ever heard of the word ‘aristo’? It is coined from aristocrat and it means the beautification of prostitutes. Young girls spend time with lecturers and sugar daddies, their excuse is that they need the sugar daddies for money and lecturers for free marks; all they have to do is pay a little price with their body. What has become of our daughters? ”

Most of these young people think that the only way to survive these days is to celebrate immorality. No longer does corruption hide in the dark shadow, they are everywhere, they even have complimentary cards for easy contact! Have you heard of a parent who wishes her daughter goodluck each time she sets off for ‘school’ and remind her to bring the money home? Money, money money! The lack of it seems to be doing more harm than bad government. Parents have lost their voice and authority over their children because they do not meet up to the financial standard, but is that really a yardstick for measuring parent-child relationship?

Now before you draw my attention to the just concluded Big Brother Africa reality show and to the fact that Richard who despite his promiscuous nature got away with the first prize while Ofunneka, the ‘decent’ and most loved by viewers got nothing, let me ask you, what contribution did you make to ensure Ofunneka emerge winner? Did you make any conscious effort to vote for her? After all, like Edmund Burke said, “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men and women to do nothing!”

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Global Education for youths!
If you have never taken out time to study a world map, you would probably mistaken the word “Mauritania” (An African country) for a name of a new soft drink, just like someone once asked if Nigeria was a country or another continent besides Africa! There is a popular saying that an average American youth thinks the world begins and end in America. How about we Nigerian youths? How much do we know about the rest of the world? Do we judge others by the situation in Nigeria? How much of global issues are we conversant with? Can we stand with our contemporaries any day to talk these issues without fear or intimidation?
Global Education is having an accurate knowledge of global geography and a personal perspective on how the world works. It entails the ability to understand and intelligently discuss topics which are global in scale. Having a sound knowledge of global issues is as of great importance as knowing about our local issues because to some extent, the knowledge we gain can be usefully applied in solving local issues- no matter how irrelevant it may seem.
Being globally conscious will also enable one learn and work collaboratively with individuals representing diverse culture, religions and backgrounds in the spirit of mutual respect and genuine interest. As our world is becoming more united by electronic communication system, we must thus step up and explore the opportunities this creates to know more about issues outside our primary domain. With just a click of your mouse, you can travel far without worrying about VISA or air ticket!
Global education is one of the indispensable skills of the 21st century youth, know and be in the know so that when next you talk, others will listen with respect. Poverty is no excuse for mediocrity, let us all take up the responsibility and develop our skills to promote inter-cultural understanding to effect positive change! Who knows, this may be the beginning of an emergence of a generation ready to continuously project the good image of Nigeria at global level.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Sober Novermber!

November, the 11th month of the year, the month that prompts us to draw out a score sheet to measure how the year has been thus far and giving us a clue of how to take a fire brigade approach if we must, to adjust things/life style before the year runs out or run us down.
The month of November is like being nineteen. At Nineteen you know you are just gone past being a child and on your way to adulthood. But you don’t get the usual euphoria you had at eighteen. Adults see you as a child while children see you as an adult, there you are caught between opinions, but it is how you see yourself that matters most.
Being Nineteen has a sobering effect on one’s life and so does November. It awake that genuine need in us to begin to look at life more seriously, where we stand and ought to be standing. When you look at the past months on the calender, what crosses your mind? Do you measure your life by one of these two criteria- success and failure? If so, then you should not be too much in a hurry to conclude on how well or how bad you have performed this year.
November means, although January to October is gone, you still have the blessings of two months, with possible opportunities to make the best use of what is left of the year 2007. Build on your strength and passion, don’t be afraid to admit your short comings, evaluate the past and learn from your mistakes and success.
It does not matter what page you are on, take out time to thank God for the gift of life! Envision your future, gather momentum, crawl, walk, or take a leap to get there but don’t let your dreams slip through your fingers unaccomplished!


The Latter Rain Assembly, Pastored by Tunde Bakare, a frontline Tele-Evangelist is to organise a leadership programme for youths across Nigeria to help them preapre for leadership role in Nigeria. The 3-day programme tagged “The Future Leaders Congress” was conceived as a result of the fact that the quality of every Nation's leadership determines the quality and advancement of the Nation. Hence, the destiny of any country lies in the development of visionary and servant leaders because everything rises and falls on leadership.
Since independence, Nigeria has lacked servant and visionary leaders. Thus, this has adversely affected her value system, economy, political system as well as the spiritual climate of the country. In view of this, on November 1st to 3rd 2007, The Latter Rain Assembly, through its youth-arm called Legacy Youth Fellowship with support from Pastor Tunde Bakare will be organizing this 3-day national leadership training programme with the aim of salvaging the decadence in the church and the Nation.
According to the Youth Pastor, Rotimi Oyekunle, the main objective of the programme is to raise servant and visionary leaders for the church, the market place and the Nation by empowering them with sound and effective Kingdom doctrine and skills that will enable them raise kingdom standards in their domain of influence.
Pastor Rotimi revealed that the vision of the programme in the heart of the serving overseer of the church, Pastor Tunde Bakare, is to groom, prepare, nurture and release young people to fulfill destiny. “we should all be concerned about the future because we would have to spend the rest of our lives there” he said.
The youth Pastor further explained that the future leaders congress is also geared to raise servant and visionary leaders who know the heart of God. “During the congress, there will be an impartation that will prepare youths to take leadership position for the future. It will be an opportunity for youths to take action and embrace responsibility for change. Nigeria will never change if we do not accept the responsibility to change it” he added.
Meanwhile, the activities of the event which is scheduled to take place from 6pm daily at the church auditorium in Ogba includes plenary-teaching session, seminars, exhibition, music concert etc. The programme is targeted at youths from all works of life- Churches, Schools, Youth groups, Corporate and Public Organization.
The Legacy Youth fellowship is a body of vibrant and destiny-oriented youths of the Latter Rain Assembly, comprising of young people from ages 13 and above, who are not married. The fellowship has a mission to nurture a company of cohesive youths for dynamic leadership with responsibility and resourcefulness for the purpose of carrying forward the purpose of the kingdom of heaven on earth.

Hello friend!

...Phew! wat a ride that has been... oh I mean, I just finished my second semester! life training as a Journalist has not been easy as its spelling...but am glad...because in the long run it will pay off by God's grace. Nigerian Institute of Jorunalism is a cool place to be! Okay, so now I have got a week holiday before I run off for my internship training now... thankfully, this should be a lot more flexible...hehehe.

I'm still on the One World youth project board, doing my best to make the world a better place, still writing the weekly youth column on THE NATION newspaper... yeah, Dis Generation has come to stay! lol. Thanks to Mr. Lekan Otunfodurin who gave me the rare opportunity to run the column :) We should have more adults like him! God Bless you Sir!

Looking forward to the best which is yet to come! Until then, I choose to keep winning by righteousness! God dey!!!

Meery Christmas in advance friends!!


Going into unfamiliar territory will not destroy your old, comfortable world. Rather, it will expand your world, your vision, your knowledge and your possibilities. The next time you come across a road that you've never traveled -- whether it is an idea, a person, a belief system, or an actual road -- take a side trip and make your world a bigger, more interesting place.

Morning Ritual!

Do you have a particular ritual you carry out every morning before you set out for the day's business? By this I mean any practice or pattern of behavior regularly performed in a set manner. It could be a chant you have to recite, a book you have to read, a drug you have to take, a person you have to see... etc. As for me, aside dragging myself out of bed at 4'o clock in the morning (weekdays), having my morning devotion and doing my daily chores, I recently realized that there is a peculiar morning ritual I carry out as a boost of confidence, a good antidote for any weakness.
After I have dressed up for the day, I usually spend about three minutes or so in front of the mirror to examine my look. At this point, 100% of my attention is on what I am wearing and how I look in them. I ask myself: am I dressed in a way I would like to be addressed today? If I should bump into Hilary Clinton (lol) on my way out, will I make a good first impression with my looks? Will the Commissioner of Police's boys find me worthy for their fashion police crew to arrest for indecent dressing? Do I look well prepared to meet any opportunity God sends my way today?
It is not that I am one of those fashionister of the 21st century, no not at all. I wear anything that suits the occasion as long as I am comfortable in them. However, my Penchant for decent dressing is growing by the day, thus I equally enjoy advocating for the need for us youths to imbibe a good dress culture, and continue to dress for success, whatever the weather. We shouldn't allow just anything or anyone dictate how we dress. Be conscious of your dress dress sense well enough to avoid wearing a low waist jeans that exposes everything a normal jeans ought to cover. Guys in this case are not left out of the absurd dress sense we youths sometimes exhibit.
Now back to the focus of discussion, my mirror serves me well in carrying out the ritual because it does not hold back any opinion. I see clearly what needs to be seen as long as the light illuminates it well. Forgetting to carry out this ritual is like a farmer who goes to the farm without any farm tools or like a driver who wants to drive a car without his keys. Although I still succeed in living out the day, it sure is never the same. Anyway, what is your own ritual? It could be an evening ritual, for instance, something you do every night before you go to bed. It could also involve as many people as possible. All the same, whatever your ritual is, keep it tasteful (positive) and unique.


"Candidates are not allowed to talk in the examination hall" is one of the famous rules we get during exam. Can one really do without talking during an exam? It can be just to ask your seat partner if she can decode one of the questions you don't understand or being a goody-two-shoes, telling others around you the answers to certain questions. However, for such kind act, thousands of students have been embarrassed, disqualified or worse, arrested during a major examination. In the eyes of the invigilator, you broke one of the rules- you were caught cheating!

I won't really say I am not guilty of talking during an exam, or better explained, I am learning how to break this habit of whispering during exam. I met a group of students who have been obeying the rule of "no talking" and guess what? They also happen to be the best in their class. Although some of their mates think them impossible people who do not want to share what they know with others, but they say they are happy to share their knowledge as long as it is done before examination commence. They don't have to stand the risk of falling into depression at the end of the day when those who ask get better result due to their expertise in combining effort- what they know+what you told them = better marks.

What an admirable standard to emulate! But of course one have to work extra hard to keep up such standard. Most people believe examination is not a true test of one's knowledge, but obeying simple rules does not start and end in the exam hall. It builds one's confidence, character and earn you respect. Moreover, at the end of the day, you are able to accurately measure how good or bad your attempt is in a do-it-yourself exam... so remember to obey the golden rule when next your sit for your next test or exam- NO talking!